For whom

For Specialists

The 'Universal Solver' training is for specialists in marketing, advertising, and Public Relations

For Managers

The 'Universal Solver' training is a great tool for those who manage subordinates and circumstances

For Entrepreneurs

The 'Universal Solver' training is for those looking for highly efficient, quick, and affordable solutions

What skills you will acquire

Goal Setting Skill

The correct formulation of the goal often immediately prompts a solution

Hidden Resource Search Skill

You can achieve your goals by using what you already have

Goal Aggravation Skill

Be realistic - demand the impossible!

Striving for Ideality Skill

Ideality is unattainable, but its correct understanding helps achieve goals already here and now

The 'Universal Solver' training is based on a methodology the author created as a result of more than twenty years of using TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) tools for inventing solutions and solving problems in business and people management.

Programme Summary

Two days of problem solving theory and practice. Two days that will change your thinking.


Thinking Activation Methods
Ideality - the result is achieved by itself
Resources - using what you already have
Contradiction as a way of solving problems
Troubleshooter stratagems
And also...

Sergei Faer

President of the Troubleshooting Academy

30 years of practice. Hundreds of solutions to technical, social and business challenges,
including in marketing, advertising and PR.
The world’s first Master of TRIZ in a non-technical area.
Author of methods for the application of TRIZ outside of technology (in business, marketing, PR, advertising),
author and co-author of books on the development of non-standard thinking.

"In 2016, I spent most of my time in corporate trainings passing the knowledge and techniques, skills and tools of troubleshooting and TRIZ to employees of large and medium-sized companies throughout Russia. Because of this I was able to hold only three open training courses - two in Moscow and one in London.

The March training session in Moscow was the first one in 2017, and will hold the next one in Cambridge this summer."

Frequent Questions

Where can I read more about Sergei Faer, his work and trainings?
When does the training start and how long does it last for?
What happens if I buy a ticket, but fall ill and can't take part in the training?
I can't make it to this training, how do I get to the next one?


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